How IACFB is Structured
Learn how the IACFB Factoring Broker Training Campus is structured.
How the IACFB is Structured
and Organized to Assist You in Entering the Factoring Industry the Right Way!

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How IACFB and the Training Campus is Organized

As an online training facility, the IACFB is expansive.  There are three (3) primary training and broker support areas to assist new members in learning more about the industry and preparing and launching a professional consulting business as an independent freelance industry factoring broker or commercial finance consultant.

Getting Started as a Factoring Broker with IACFB Support

Whether you choose to enter our industry as a part-time professional with our comprehensive Factoring 101 program, add professional marketing knowledge with Factoring 202, or launch a Career as a Commercial Finance Consultant through Factoring 303 at Campus IACFB, our highly  affordable programs will have you up and running in a matter of days.  If earning the life-of-account, residual monthly commissions income the industry has become famous for is of interest to you, IACFB is your source for quality training, continuing education, and career support at incredibly affordable pricing.