Lender Benefits
Networking Opportunities for Factors and Lenders at IACFB
Lenders:  Build your networks of productive brokers and intermediaries through membership in the IACFB

Build Solid Networks of Productive Brokers at IACFB 

Opportunities for Lenders:  Building Your Database of Broker Referral Sources Through the IACFB

Industry statistics continue to reveal that 0ver 50% of all new industry clients are generated through referral with many of such referrals being the result of relationships with professional industry factoring brokers and consultants.  As an organization, the IACFB provides the perfect platform for industry lenders to expand their business by developing productive relationships with IACFB trained freelance factoring consultants.

Exceptional Industry Training...Higher Quality Referrals

As all factors and industry business development officers are aware, all brokers and consultants are not created equal.  Though many industry entrants are well aware of the exceptional income potential that accompanies a successful entry into the industry, few brokers have been able to afford the very high costs of training that has historically been associated with the business of "factoring broker".  That has all changed with the IACFB.      

Quality Factoring Broker Training with a Focus on Affordability

IACFB provides extremely affordable training for those interested in participating in our industry and that low cost means a higher number of knowledgeable resources of referral for industry factors and lenders.  Our training includes...

Getting Involved With IACFB is Easy

For lenders, getting involved with IACFB is very easy.  Simply...