Upcoming Events at IACFB
Upcoming Events at IACFB
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Below are scheduled upcoming events for IACFB members.  Our events calendar will include IACFB Factoring 101 Program training events as well as "Showcase" presentations by IACFB lender members.  NOTE: Many events are limited in attendance and are available on a first-come basis only.  If required, make reservations early.  Many events are recorded so if you miss an event, recordings are often available in either the Learning lab or the Campus Annex. 

Types of Events We Hold.  Where to Make Reservations.

IACFB hosts several types of events.  They include:

NOTE:  All IACFB Teleconference or Webinar Events are held at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time unless otherwise noted. 

To get the latest event descriptions and registration details, visit the Upcoming Webinar & Events area at the Factoring Broker Forums.

Registering for Event Notification

To be notified via email of upcoming events and webinars, make certain you are registered for our newsletters and bulletins.