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Factoring Broker Certification Program at IACFB
Benefit from your industry knowledge with the IACFB's new certification program for factoring brokers and commercial finance consultants

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IACFB's Broker Certification Program

IACFB members are the best trained in the world but the asset-based finance community is constantly developing new financing products and lending programs to assist small business owners with their quests for capital worldwide.  And for today's professional factoring and commercial finance brokers and consultants, there is no better place to stay abreast of industry developments and continuing education opportunities than the IACFB. 

Factoring Broker Certification

Broker Certification in the Training CampusThe Factoring Broker Certification Program  is FREE to all IACFB Members and provides...

Factoring 101 Program Discounts

Members successfully completing IACFB Broker Certification Exam can receive a substantial discount on IACFB's Freelance Factoring 101 Broker Program with Business-in-a-Box through our "Know Your Stuff" Challenges.  The cash discount earned is applied at time of purchase and is a "Learn to Earn" discount.  It is based upon...

Upon successfully completing and passing the exam, you will have up to 90 days to validate your discount and purchase and set up your Factoring 101 Freelance Broker Program.  Additional and complete details on "Know Your Stuff" Challemge discounts can be found here.

Where / How to Take the Certification Exam

Entry to the Broker Certification Exam can be found in the Learning Lab.  You must be a current IACFB member to access the exam.  To take the exam...

About the Exam

The Certification Exam is made up of 200 questions pulled from a 450 question database.  All questions are based on content found in the IACFB's Factoring 101 training guide.  For purposes of the "Know Your Stuff" Discount Challenge, you may take the exam TWICE, using your best score for your Trophy Points.

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If you have completed your certification exam and scored 80% or higher and would like to order your certificate, simply complete the form below.  We will match your request to your Class Marker score and send your certificate to the address you list below. (Program discounts are earned with any score, however, you must have registered a score of 80% or higher on the exam for ranking as a Certified Broker.  The cost of a frameable certificate is $25 which includes postage in the Continental U.S

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