The ANNEX at Campus IACFB
Factoring Broker Marketing Aids and Support
Campus IACFB's Annex provides those exploring a career as a freelance factoring broker with the marketing aids and support materials required for industry success


The Campus ANNEX (Business-in-a-Box)

As all brokers and consultants know, marketing and marketing support products are essential for business development.  In fact, without the ability to generate productive marketing campaigns each and every month, it can become very difficult to build a factoring consultancy at all.  But the IACFB can help.

What's in the ANNEX?

The Annex is all about marketing.  All Factoring 101 brokers are provided an essential "FlashFactoring Broker Websites and Marketing Aids at IACFB Start" list of marketing materials located in the Learning Lab to get them up, running, and producing immediately.  The ANNEX dramatically expands those marketing aids with:

Who Has Annex Access?

All subscribers to both the IACFB's Factoring 101 Program and IACFB's Sponsored Agents Programs have access to ANNEX marketing materials, templates, and support articles.  Additionally, ANNEX access is available to independent brokers and agents with "stand alone" pricing. (Membership Required)

Accessing the Campus Annex

As with all IACFB Campus areas, access to the Campus Annex is through the Factoring Broker Forums.  If you are a subscriber to the Factoring 101 Program or one of the IACFB Sponsored Agents Programs, simply...

  1. Log into the Factoring Broker Forums
  2. View the forum entitled "Gateways"
  3. Factoring 101 Brokers:  Select the link entitled "Click Here:  Gateway to the Campus Annex"
  4. Sponsored Agents:  Select the link entitled "Click Here:  Sponsored Agent Support"

NOTE:  If you are a Factoring 101 broker and the appropriate link is not visible to you, send us an email to requesting a permissions upgrade.