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Wholesale Deal Placement at IACFB
Wholesale Deal Assistance and Placement for IACFB Factoring 101 Consultants


IACFB Wholesale Operations

At IACFB, our Factoring Broker Training Program is comprehensive and for most, all you will need to enter the industry successfully as a freelance business financing consultant.  Our Business-in-a-Box and Annex Marketing Support option provides everything necessary to get your business up and running immediately.   As an additional add-on to the Factoring 101 Program, we now include deal placement service through our wholesale operations department.

What is Wholesale Operations?Deal Placement at IACFB

While IACFB is the primary trainer of factoring brokers in the U.S., we are also very active in business development.  This is done through IACFB Wholesale Operations.  And though our Factoring 101 Factoring Broker Training Program prepares all students to "stand on their own two feet", many new industry brokers prefer to utilize and take advantage of IACFB's 25 years of experience in the industry by having our underwriters assist in placing their deals for them.   

How Do I Submit a Referral to IACFB's Wholesale Operations?

Wholesale Operations at IACFB is accessed through the IACFB's Learning Lab and is available to all IACFB members.  To take advantage of wholesale operations, you need only complete the IACFB Wholesale Brokers Agreement located in the Learning Lab.

Complete Instructions and Details

Complete instructions and details including client requirements and sharing arrangements are located for download in the Members Learning Lab.