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Factoring Brokers:  Check Out These "First Deal" Bonus Awards

IACFB Wholesale Operations

At IACFB, our Factoring Broker Training Program is comprehensive and for most, all you will need to enter the industry successfully as a freelance business financing consultant.  For Factoring 101 Professional Program members, our ANNEX Marketing Aids provide everything necessary to get your business up, running, and producing business immediately.   Additionally, Factoring 101 ProgramDeal Placement at IACFB Members, now enjoy complete deal placement service with an exceptional commission grid schedule all done through our Wholesale Operations department. 

Deal Closing Assistance

Our Wholesale Operations account executives are industry experts and can answer virtually any questions or concerns your prospective clients may have about factoring, asset-based lending, or any of the other various types of alternative commercial finance.  This makes IACFB's Wholesale Operations Department the perfect "expert" resource to bring in when you need an additional party to help you close your deal.  (More on Deal Closing Assistance) 

How Do I Submit a Referral to IACFB's Wholesale Operations?

Wholesale Operations at IACFB is accessed through the IACFB's Learning Lab and is available to all IACFB members.  To take advantage of Wholesale Operations, you need only complete the IACFB Wholesale Brokers Agreement available from in the Learning Lab and located in the "Deal Submissions" area.  Additionally, you can complete a short form in that area if you need to have one of our experts contact a prospect to answer "difficult" questions and help you get your deal landed and generating life-of-account commission income.

Broker Commissions

Broker commissions paid through IACFB's Wholesale Operations are highly competitive and some of the highest in the industry with additional bonus compensation, prizes, and awards paid for performance.  You can get all the details and the latest compensation schedule in the Deal Submissions area in the Learning Lab.

Program Reimbursement Bonus

New for 2019 is IACFB's attractive Reimbursement Bonus for all those new to the Factoring 101 Program.  Here's how it works...

NOTE:  If you are a new broker and this is your first submission, you are also eligible for a BONUS AWARD if your deal size is $50,000 or more per month.  Click the "More Details" button at left for Submit a Deal to IACFBadditional information.

Submit a Deal Now:  Quick Application Company Profile Download

Both members and non-IACFB members can submit a Client Application for financing consideration through IACFB Wholesale by simply having their client/prospect complete a standard Company Profile.  To do so...

Conference Calls:  Assistance in Closing Your Deal

need some help closing your deal?  IACFB staff are available during normal business hours to answer questions and speak directly with your prospect.  LET US HELP YOU CLOSE YOUR DEAL!

Additional Instructions and Details

Complete instructions and details including client requirements and sharing arrangements are located for download in the Members' Learning Lab.