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Merchant Cash Advance
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Merchant Cash Advance 

Merchant Cash / ACH Advance

Merchant Cash Advance and its related ACH Cash Advance are lump sum advances of immediate cash which are repaid with a percentage of future credit card or other retail sales.  Although considered an expensive form of financing, Merchant Cash and ACH Advances are often readily accessible sources of working capital when other options are simply not available.

How a Merchant Cash Advance Works

A Merchant Cash or ACH Advance is a lump sum advance of cash today which will be repaid from future credit card or retail sales.  The provider will collect repayment by taking a percentage of each sale until the advance is repaid.  Its important to note that most Merchant Cash or ACH Advances are not considered loans but simply advances of risk capital.

Merchant Cash and related ACH advances are often used by such businesses as restaurants, auto repair facilities, exercise facilities, karate dojos, convenience stores, and other small businesses with needs for expansion capital or equipment.

There are some significant advantages and benefits to Merchant Cash and ACH Advances whichFast Working Capital for Your Business include...

A Continued Source of Funding

Although Merchant Cash and ACH Advances are sometimes considered expensive, there is considerable risk in the transaction for the provider so the expense is understandable.  It is also important to note that industry statistics evidence nearly two out of every three businesses opting to utilize this type of funding, renew their advances a second and even third time for working and expansion capital until they can qualify for a more traditional and less expensive type of financing.

How to Get Your Business the Capital It Requires with a Merchant Cash Advance Through IACFB

Getting the Merchant Cash Advance process started through IACFB is very easy and typically, you can be enjoying all of the benefits that a Merchant Cash Advance has to offer within just a week of applying

Because much of the Merchant Cash Advance industry is very specialized, finding just the right MCA provider to service your company can sometimes be difficult...but not when using the services of IACFB.  With our expansive Directory of American Factors and Lenders, we can almost always find the right, specialized MCA / ACH Cash provider for your small business regardless of it's "niche" in your industry. .

Get Started Today!

You can get started today and receive a FREE proposal through IACFB by simply completing our short online application form.  Once received, you will be contacted by one of our courteous account executive / underwriters who will discuss your needs and requirements and provide you with the most suitable options to solve your growth and working capital problems.