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Export Trade is BIG business and represents BIG opportunities for small business owners who have taken the time to learn the various methods of financing offshore orders and overcoming export trade's inherit risks.

The United States is the world’s second largest exporter, with well over $2 trillion in goods and services exports each year, according to the latest World Trade Organization’s World Trade Report.  Since 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States, there is considerable motivation for manufacturers and distributors to explore international sales.  Businesses only selling domestically are reaching just a small share of potential customers.

Exporting enables small business enterprises to diversify their sales and insulates them against periods of slower growth in the domestic economy.  The biggest problem faced by sImport Export Trade Financemall business owners is their lack of knowledge regarding cross-border transactions and specifically, how payment, from relatively unknown foreign buyers, can be assured.

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IACFB is a recognized export in providing domestically located small business owners with financing solutions which...

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Getting started with IACFB is very easy and typically, you can be enjoying all of the benefits that IACFB's export trade finance solutions have to offer within just a few days of applying

Export-Import capital is a very specialized area of commercial finance and finding just the right provider to service your company's needs can sometimes be difficult...but not when using the services of IACFB.  With our expansive Directory of American Factors and Lenders, we can almost always find the right specialized import-export finance company for your small business regardless of it's "niche" in your industry. .

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