Asset-Based Revolving Lines of Credit for Your Small Business
Working and Growth Capital Solutions Through Asset-Based Lending
Establishing a Revolving Line
of Credit Based on Your Company's
Accounts and Inventory

Asset-Based Loans 

Asset-Based Lending (ABL)

Asset-Based Lending can offer an exceptional solution for those manufacturers and distributors in need of a credit line with capabilities to expand during periods of high sales activity and decrease during low seasonal sales activity.  Asset-Based Loan facilities accomplish this through the establishment of a "revolving line of credit."

Unlike factoring which is a purchase and sale transaction dealing strictly with accounts receivable, asset-based lending is a true loan which utilizes the fair market value of a company's accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment to establish a "borrowing base" or credit line.  The business can draw down against this line of credit as needed during times of peak activity and pay down the loan.

  ABL Availability

Because Asset-Based Loans tend to focus more on the value of a company's assets rather than details of financial statements, ABL tends to be a bit more readily available to companies that have weakerApproved ABL Loan financials but strong collateral in the form of inventory and accounts. These facilities are typically available to:

How to Get Your Business Started With Factoring Through IACFB

Much like factoring, getting started with asset-based lending is very easy and typically, you can be enjoying all of the benefits that factoring has to offer within just a week or two of applying.  Also like factoring, much of the asset-based lending industry is very specialized and finding just the right ABL provider to service your company can sometimes be difficult...but not when using the services of IACFB.  With our expansive Directory of American Factors and Lenders, we can almost always find the right specialized finance company for your small business regardless of it's "niche" or industry. .

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