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How IACFB Factoring Broker Programs are Structured
Learn how the IACFB Factoring Broker Training Campus is structured.
How the IACFB is Structured
and Organized to Assist You in Entering the Factoring Industry the Right Way!

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How IACFB and the Training Campus is Organized

As an online training facility, the IACFB is expansive.  There are three (3) primary training and broker support areas to assist new members in learning more about the industry and preparing and launching a professional consulting business as a freelance industry factoring broker or commercial finance consultant

  1. INTRODUCTION TO THE INDUSTRY...The Factoring 101 Training Guide and Learning Lab:  With over 200 pages of expert industry knowledge, the IACFB's comprehensive factoring broker training guide provides IACFB members with all the necessary tools required to begin referring qualified clients to factors and asset-based lenders.  Purchasers of the Factoring 101 Training Guide will find the Campus Learning Lab, and  Factoring Broker Forums, and support the expansive industry knowledge found in the guide.   For those initially exploring the industry and its many opportunities, this is your introduction to an exciting and lucrative career at anCampus IACFB Factoring Brokers exceptionally affordable price.  Just $39.95 on  
  2. THE CAMPUS ANNEX...The IACFB's Campus Annex is all about factoring broker marketing support for those "serious" about launching a full-time career in factoring and commercial finance consulting.  The Annex provides you with all the marketing training, tools, and add-ons necessary to enter the industry professionally from day one.  All Business-in-a-Box subscribers have access to the Campus IACFB Annex which includes our expanded selection of brochure templates, flyers, cover letters, cold call scripts, Power Point® workshop presentations, and much more.  Also included is a professionally designed Factoring 101 consultant website, domain, and annual hosting.  Additionally information on Business-in-a-Box and pricing is available here.
  3. FACTORING 202 at CAMPUS IACFB...The Commercial Finance Consulting Training Program.  Our Campus IACFB Training Program provides in-depth education for those seeking to expand their product knowledge with an eye on a full-time professional career in Commercial Finance Consulting.  Factoring 202 at Campus IACFB builds on your Factoring 101 knowledge by adding hundreds of pages of additional training content and will expand your factoring knowledge through introduction to the many additional and important areas of commercial and alternative commercial finance.  Included with Factoring 202 are introductions to the important financing areas of asset-based lending, import / export trade finance, SBA finance / loan guarantee programs, merchant cash advance, forfaiting, and much more.  Factoring 202 is included with all Business-in-a-Box subscriptions and additional information can be found here.  

Getting Started as a Factoring Broker with IACFB Support

Whether you choose to enter our industry as a part-time professional with our comprehensive Factoring 101 program, add professional marketing features with Business-in-a-Box, or launch a Career as a Commercial Finance Consultant through Factoring 202 at Campus IACFB, our highly  affordable programs will have you up and running in a matter of days.  If earning the life-of-account commissions income the industry has become famous for is of interest to you, IACFB is your source for quality training, continuing education, and career support.