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Training Programs for Factoring Brokers at the IACFB
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Affordable Factoring Broker Training for Today's Mobile Creatives and Home-Based Entrepreneurs

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Consultant training through IACFB offers the flexibility and customization options required to meet the needs of all types of industry brokers.  At IACFB, we recognize three specific types of factoring consultants including...

  1. REFERRERS:  Referring Brokers are typically individuals such as bank lending officers, accounting professionals, commercial insurance agents, and others interested in generating "occasional" additional residual commission income from factoring and asset-based finance as a supplement to the income earned in their current profession.   (more) 
  2. SPONSORED AGENTS:  Factoring 101 is perfect low cost program for those initially seeking a part-time career as an industry broker.  Agents typically utilize a mentoredFactoring Sponsored Agents Training Program approach where new consultants will work directly with IACFB Freelance Brokers who will assist them in closing their deals.

  3. FACTORING 101 FREELANCE BROKERS:  With it's optional add-ons for marketing support and continuing education,  Factoring 101 has quickly become the industry standard for those ready to launch a life-style changing business as a full time, career-oriented, freelance independent industry consultant.

Grow a "Professional" Consultancy with Factoring 101

When it comes to factoring brokers, one size certainly does not fit all and at IACFB, we have purposely designed Factoring 101 to be highly customizable based upon a particular broker's goals.  At just $9.95 per month*, Factoring 101 includes...

Program Add-Ons and Options

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