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Campus IACFB

Accessing Courses and Classes at Campus IACFB

Campus IACFB provides the most comprehensive factoring broker training and support available to those entering alternative commercial finance industry.  Classes at the Campus are divided into three (3) categories and access to classes are determined by “permissions”.

  • LEARNING LAB:  Learning Lab classes are available to all IACFB members.  Theses classes are designated “Start Up” classes and are important to all members regardless of career intentions
  • ASSOCIATE CLASSES:  Classes designated as “Associate” are important classes for both IACFB Associate members and IACFB Freelance brokers. They are accessible by both membership communities.
  • FREELANCE CLASSES:  Freelance classes include many advance classes and are of interest primarily to those with the intent of entering the industry on more of a full time career basis.  These classes are accessible by member of the Freelance community only.

Campus Course Categories

Complimentary for all IACFB Members, the Learning Lab is all about “start up” and what you will need to get up and running quickly as a new broker in the commercial factoring and alternative business finance industry

Campus IACFB provides complete and comprehensive financial products training for industry consultants including factoring, asset-based lending, merchant cash advance, and much more.

Campus classes in this category introduce our Freelance consultants to several vitally important productivity enhancing and management tools such as CRMs with will greatly assist in becoming productive

Classes found in this Course category are arguably the most important in the Campus as they deal with social media, online marketing, networking and how to build productive relationships with those you meet.

Classes in this category in the Campus will assist our members in being significantly more productive using state-of-the-art direct marketing and specifically how to use the marketing aids found in the ANNEX

Classes in this category in the Campus are designed to present our suite of marketing tools such as brochures, flyers, postcards, mail stuffers, cover letters, phone scripts, etc for PDF download.