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Basic IACFB Membership is completely FREE and complimentary and is provided through our simple Registration Form.  If you are exploring our factoring broker industry as a true career path, we strongly recommend purchasing the 221 page IACFB Factoring 101 Training Guide from

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Becoming an IACFB Member is completely free, complimentary, and involves just three (3) easy steps...

  1. Register Guest:  Simply complete our short online registration form to sign up for our newsletters and bulletins or attend our 7-Part Crash Course for new brokers.  (Click here)Factoring Broker Free Membership at IACFB
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IACFB Lifetime Membership is very affordable at just $39.95.  To join IACFB with full IACFB Membership Benefits, simply purchase our membership training guide Factoring 101 from

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One of the quickest ways to learn more about a career in factoring as a freelance independent broker is to attend our FREE 7-Part Factoring Broker Crash Course.  Once completed, you will receive IACFB Membership Benefits include:


Networking with Industry Lenders.  Attending Lender Presentations

One of the best methods of staying on top of industry, its changes, and new product introductions is, of course, by attending scheduled lender teleconferences, Company Showcases, and product workshops.  Such opportunities are open to all IACFB members and recorded versions of teleconferences are archived in the Learning Lab for those unable to attend the live presentations.

Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or just launching your career as an industry factoring broker, all IACFB members should attend lender presentations at every opportunity.  For industry "newbies" this is one of the quickest methods of "learning the ropes" and becoming productive.  For our veteran members, lender teleconference presentations will keep you abreast of new products for your clients as well as industry promotions and bonus programs which can add dollars in your pocket each and every month.

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