Getting Started as a Factoring Broker
Getting Started as a Freelance Industry Factoring Broker with the Assistance of IACFB Training



Getting Started in Factoring Through the IACFB

The business of commercial finance consulting (freelance factoring broker) is, without question, one of the most attractive opportunities available in today's home-business marketplace.  Few other entrepreneurial business ventures can match its flexibility and exceptional income potential.

Additionally, acquiring the knowledge necessary to begin brokering factoring and commercial finance transactions is very easy with the assistance of IACFB.  Without question, almost anyone can participate in our industry on some level.  Some will strive for a full time career and a solid six-figure residual income.  Others will become involved in brokering on strictly an "occasional" basis.  Either way, it is very easy to get started and test these inviting waters with the help of IACFB.  In fact with IACFB's, there are really only a few things you need to do to get started.

Basic Startup Costs as a Factoring Industry Referrer

Through IACFB, virtually any enterprising individual can enter our exciting industry as a "referrer" through the Factoring 101 Program.  In fact, basic entry as a "referrer" is simply the $39.95 cost of your training guide which will provide you with all the industry knowledge require to begin your consulting business.

For those with a more "career orientation", IACFB provides additional marketing and training support with it's popular Factoring 202 "Business-in-a-Box" Program which includes...

 How To Get Started Today!

Ready to begin earning your fair share of our industry's residual, life-of-account commission income?  Getting started in factoring is very easy with the assistance of IACFB.  Here's how...

  1. View Factoring 101 Program Add-Ons and Options (view)
  2. Purchase our Factoring 101 Broker's Training Guide directly from IACFB's DMS WebHost
  3. Once you receive your training guide, activate your access to the Learning Lab (see page 198)
  4. Click the BUTTON below to purchase your training guide from Amazon NOW and begin acquiring the product knowledge you will need to enter our industry as a freelance professional factoring broker profitably and successfully.

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