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Looking for growth and cash flow solutions for your small business?  If so, you've come to the right place.  IACFB's staff of underwriters and account executives have been providing both bank and non-bank business finance solutions to small business entrepreneurs for over 25 years.  Through our highly developed network of specialized lenders, there is almost no industry we have not serviced or developed a financing solution for.

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You Can Speak Directly with an IACFB Account Executive / Specialist

When arranging financing for your business through IACFB, you will speak and work directly with an experiences account executive from the very first day.  Once you submit our online application, you will always be contacted within 24 hours to discuss our many options and most favorable and cost efficient financing solutions.

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If your business is in need or growth and working capital and your local business banking relationship is not providing an option, simply complete our short online application or contact us.  Our highly experienced account executives have over 25 years of underwriting experience and will make your search for loan and financing solutions both comfortable and successful.  Contact us...TODAY!!