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Training Programs for Factoring Brokers at the IACFB
Factoring Broker Training
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Affordable Factoring Broker Training for Today's Mobile Creatives and Home-Based Entrepreneurs

Factoring Broker Training at IACFB

As with virtually all types of freelance consulting, professional factoring brokers will earn their living by acquiring...

  1. KNOWLEDGE:  A consultants "worth" is always based upon having acquired an advanced level of knowledge regarding a product or service.
  2. MARKETING EXPERTISE:  Once a high level of product knowledge is acquired, successful consultants must develop the skills necessary to market their services.Become a Freelance Factoring Broker

IACFB training offers entrepreneurial self-starters and mobile creatives with highly affordable training in both factoring and business finance as well as how to market their consulting services to succeed on a freelance basis in the alternative commercial finance industry.  Our "cornerstone" training program, Factoring 101, provides everything necessary to successfully launch a part-time or full-time career as a factoring broker including...

IACFB Magazine (Commercial Finance Consultant)

The IACFB's informative free magazine, Commercial Finance Consultant, is fully operational and offers those exploring the industry and it's many opportunities with a collection of popular articles focused on the factoring industry from the independent broker's prospective.  (visit now)

Online Campus IACFB Academy (Coming Fall of 2019)

Opening in the fall of 2019, the exciting new online Campus Academy will take IACFB training to a new level with dramatically expanded content and video training.  Make certain you have registered your broker business to receive notice of the Academy's Grand Opening.