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Launch a career as an IACFB Factoring Consultant

Career Opportunities

IACFB offers comprehensive consultant training and support programs unmatched in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry.

Subscriptions: Learn How to Access Campus Training Courses

You can learn more about our membership, programs, and how to access our library of Campus IACFB training courses by viewing the video at left.  Click the “expand” icon located at the lower right corner of the video to view a full screen presentation.

IACFB Membership

Comprehensive training for those new to the industry featuring IACFB's 5-star rated Factoring 101 Broker's guide to Factoring $49.95 (includes shipping in Continental U.S.)

The Affordable Place to Start for All New to the Industry

The Factoring 101 Broker Development Program at IACFB is specifically designed for those individuals seeking a career as a broker in the factoring industry.  Factoring 101 is exceptionally budget-friendly and offers training options for everyone from part-time startups to seasoned industry veterans.  Your Factoring 101 subscription includes…

  • FACTORING 101 BROKER’S GUIDE:  The industry standard for basic training and startup info
  • IACFB MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION:  Access to the article archives at IACFB Magazine
  • BULLETIN BOARDS ACCESS:  Access to the Factoring Broker Forums and Bulletin Boards


Program Features

Comprehensive industry product training at the lowest possible cost
Access informative startup articles via the Learning Lab and IACFB Magazine
Deal closing assistance and pre-underwriting using IACFB underwriters
Competitive industry commissions and bonus programs

How to Subscribe

Purchase IACFB’s Factoring 101 Broker’s Training Guide directly from Amazon.com Click the link at left.

IACFB Associates Program

The IACFB program for those entering on a part time basis

Program Overview

IACFB’s Associate Membership subscription is a program specifically designed for those entering the industry on a part time basis and who will be developing their business through IACFB’s Wholesale operations.  IACFB Associates will submit deals through IACFB and utilize IACFB pre-underwriting to assist in generating new clients.

Program Features

Access to all ASSOCIATE level classes
Factoring 101 Broker’s Training Guide
Professionally designed factoring broker website
Professional email boxes (3 boxes)
IACFB Pre-Underwriting support

How to Subscribe


IACFB Freelance Consultant Program

Add-on complete Freelance Consultant course access product to your existing Associate Broker membership subscription

Program Overview

An expansive online e-learning educational program for full time career-oriented IACFB consultants with an expansive array of courses and videos.  Freelance brokers will submit their deals through our network of factors and lenders featured in our directories.  By far, the most affordable consultant training in the industry.

Program Features

Comprehensive factoring broker product training
Complete factoring broker startup training
Templates for direct mail flyers, brochures, postcards, and stuffers
Cover letters, telephone scripts and elevator pitches
Continuing education and advanced product training
Custom setup assistance for Pipedrive CRM and MailChimp

How to Subscribe

FREELANCE ACCESS is an “add-on” training feature to your ASSOCIATES subscription
If you are not already an Associate, subscribe and “add-on” Freelance Program from the CONFIGURE page during subscription
If you are already a Freelance subscriber, log into your dashboard at DMS WebHost and from the NAVIGATION BAR select SERVICES > VIEW AVAILABLE ADDONS to add on your Freelance subscription