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Becoming an Associate or Freelance Factoring Broker

Advances in technology and the ability to network and market online continues to make it easier and easier for entrepreneurs to start a business from home. And, when it comes to home businesses, one of the fastest growing and most popular segments in the home business arena is freelance consulting.

The business of consulting as an independent factoring broker is a very unique and still very much under-the-radar niche area of home based consulting that offers those who enter the industry successfully an exceptional life style that includes flexible working hours, the ability to work from virtually anywhere with the opportunity to earn substantial residual income with life of account payments. But competing in the industry and learning the “ins and outs” of the business of brokering factoring transactions requires quality training and support. And there is no place better to access affordable quality training than through the Factoring 101 program at Campus IACFB.

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Is becoming a factoring broker the right home-based career path for you? Watch the short video clip above to explore the opportunity of becoming an IACFB Associate Factoring Broker. Then to take the first steps toward your new career…

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