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Factoring Broker:  The perfect career path for self-starters and mobile creatives

Industry Compensation for Freelance Factoring Brokers

Without question, one of the major attractions of the freelance brokering industry and factoring is the unique way that factors compensate independent brokers for their business referrals.  Commission income paid to the broker is a percentage of the factoring service fees earned by the factor.  Industry standard is 10% but some factors pay more.

 In virtually all instances, referring brokers earn...Successful Factoring Broker

Professional Broker Build Books of Business

This unique (and lucrative) method of compensation allows independent brokers to build books of business over time.  Unlike many areas of consulting where participants need hundreds or even thousand of accounts to earn a living, the business of factoring is quite different.  Many brokers earn an excellent living with just 15 to 20 active accounts on the books.

Factoring Brokers Are Not Sales People...They Are Consultants

Like all business finance products, factoring cannot be sold.  A business either...

For those small B2B businesses in need of working capital and without the means to access traditional bank financing, factoring may provide the perfect solution.  As true consultants, it is the job of factoring brokers to...

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