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Factoring Broker Certification Program at IACFB
Benefit from your industry knowledge with the IACFB's new certification programs for factoring brokers and commercial finance consultants

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Continuing Education & Certification:  Staying Abreast of the Industry

IACFB members are the best trained in the world but the asset-based finance community is constantly developing new financing products and lending programs to assist small business owners with their quests for capital worldwide.  And for today's professional factoring and commercial finance brokers and consultants, there is no better place to stay abreast of industry developments and continuing education opportunities than the IACFB. 

Factoring Broker Certification at IACFB's Learning Lab

Broker Certification in the Training CampusThe Factoring Broker Certification Program  includes

Advanced Training Certification Fees

Fees for IACFB's product certification are exceptionally modest.  For students in the Campus Advanced Training Program, certification exams are free and complimentary with only a $25 fee charged for the frame-able certificate and first year's listing on the IACFB's Directory of Certified Consultants.

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If you have completed your certification exam for satisfactory completion of the introductory level Factoring 101 Program and would like to order your certificate and directory listing, simply complete the form below.  We will match your request to your Class Marker score and send your certificate to the address you list below. (You must have scored 80% or higher on the exam)

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