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Who Should Join the IACFB

The factoring and the asset-based finance community of lenders is immense and on a worldwide basis, represents trillions of dollars in business lending each and every year.  Factoring in the U.S. alone accounts for over $100 billion in business finance annually.  Yet even with such size, factoring volumes in the states are much less than those found in Italy, for example, and less than half of the yearly volume produced by the U.K. 

So if you're thinking such a large industry should have many career opportunities for someone just like you, your probably right.  And, one of the most lucrative areas of business opportunity to be found throughout the industry, is that of an independent or freelance business development consultant or, what is more commonly termed, a factoring broker.

Factoring Broker: A Business Opportunity Without Equal

Nationwide, independent consulting is a rapidly growing field with immense opportunity.  And, more and more enterprising entrepreneurs are launching some form of consulting business each and every day.  Few consulting businesses, however, can compare with the flexible opportunities found in the area of small business finance consulting.  This is an exceptional business opportunity for:

Factoring:  Building a Door of Opportunity as a Factoring Broker

Brokering the occasional factoring transaction represents a "real" part-time income opportunity for almost least for those who haveThe Factoring Broker Business Opportunity acquired some level of product knowledge about this most powerful form of small business finance.  And when you consider that a typical industry referral can easily generate commission income of $10,000, $15,000 or even more during its life, there is simply no reason not to acquire some basic level of industry knowledge. In other words, build a door, so you can take advantage of opportunities looking for a place to knock

For today's career-oriented, business opportunity seeking entrepreneur tired of low income "pay check harvesting", learning how to broker factoring, and other asset-based finance transactions, offers an exceptional path to truly fascinating career. 

On a more full-time, career-oriented professional level, opportunities found in this unique, freelance brokering business can only be described as phenomenal.   Like almost all consulting careers, this is a business all about product knowledge and lead generation.  Product knowledge in our industry is relatively easy for anyone to acquire and especially with IACFB's very affordable Factoring 101 training guide and program.  For most, developing professional quality lead generation skills will likely take a little more time and effort.  Earnings potential in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industries is, however, exceptional by any measure.  In our industry, devoting the time needed to develop your lead generation skills will pay very, very large dividends.