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Campus IACFB provides an exceptional training and learning experience for today's home-based entrepreneurs and mobile creatives who have discovered the unique career opportunities associated with the factoring and alternative commercial finance industries.  And to be certain, it all starts with IACFB Membership. But at Campus IACFB there's more, much more, to assist you in entering the industry successfully.

At Campus IACFB, you will find:

Campus IACFB training is both affordable and comprehensive and will dramatically expand your current level of industry knowledge with many additional and important areas required to enter the alternative commercial finance community successfully as a freelance broker.

Located within the training campus, you will find...

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a complimentary support area available to all IACFB Members.  Additional information on accessing this free support area can be found on page 198 of the Factoring Broker Training Guide or here

The Sponsored Agents Program

The perfect low cost, entry level program designed by IACFB for those entering the industry on a part-time basis.  More information on this unique mentored program is here.

The Factoring 101 Program: The ANNEX and Business-in-a-Box

The Campus ANNEX is IACFB's expansive marketing training training and support area for members involved in either the Factoring 101 Freelance Broker Program or one of IACFB's Sponsored Agents Programs.   Additional information on the Campus ANNEX and marketing support is located in the Learning Lab and here.

Career Builder (Factoring 202)

Factoring 202 is a continuing education area which expands member product knowledge beyond the traditional area of factoring and invoice finance.  Additional information on Career Builder is located in the Learning Lab and here.