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Continuing Education at IACFB
Continuing Education for Factoring Brokers at IACFB
Expand Your Knowledge With the Advanced Training Program at Campus IACFB

Campus IACFB Factoring Broker Training  


Business Finance and Factoring  (Factoring 202) Advanced Training at Campus IACFB:  

The IACFB's Factoring 101: Broker's Guide to Factoring along with the Learning Lab and the Factoring Broker Forums provide IACFB members with everything necessary to initially enter our exciting industry successfully.  But at Campus IACFB there's more, much more, in the form of marketing training and support in the Campus Annex and advanced product training in the  Campus. (Factoring 202)

Campus training expands your basic industry knowledge provided in the Factoring 101 training guide with an advanced training curriculum encompassing the many additional and important areas of alternative commercial finance.  Through our online comprehensive training facility you will expand your knowledge and learn about many additional important areas of small business finance including:


Business Finance and Factoring dramatically expands the introductory training provided in the IACFB's Factoring 101 Training Guide and provides the basic training necessary for those seeking to venture into Micro-Factoring and begin to purchase invoices for their own account.

Asset Based LendingExpanding your factoring knowledge

Expands the basic overview provided in Factoring 101 and provides a more in-depth look at asset-based revolving lines of credit, how they are structured, and client qualifications.

SBA Lending Programs

Gain this expertise!  Learn about this important area of small business finance, its programs, and limitations.  Having a working knowledge of the various SBA loan guarantee programs is essential for all career-oriented industry brokers. 

Export Trade Finance

Your export clients are concerned about one thing:  How do I get paid?  This very in-depth course area on export trade finance explores:

Merchant Cash and ACH Advance

Learn more about this exponentially growing area of alternative business finance with out Merchant Cash Advance and ACH Advance presentations.

Equipment Leasing

Though most factoring consultants will choose to work with a lease broker in this complex area of finance, you will learn all of the basics of equipment leasing in this advanced training

Venture Capital

We feel this will be a good area of practice for commercial finance consultants as more competition in the industry drives professional VCs to pay referral fees.  You will learn the basics of how to source venture capital in this online study area.

Included With Business-in-a-Box

All subscribers to Business-in-a-Box receive complimentary access to Campus IACFB and Factoring 202 training.