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Business-in-a-Box Marketing Support for Career-Oriented Freelance Factoring Brokers

As all brokers and consultants know, marketing and marketing support products are essential for business development.  In fact, without the ability to generate productive marketing campaigns each and every month, it can become very difficult to build a factoring consultancy at all.  But the IACFB can help.

What's Included With IACFB's Business-in-a-Box for 2017

IACFB's Business-in-a-Box is our marketing support program designed for those new to the industry interested in becoming true industry professionals but who do not want to wait the weeks or months required to develop their own websites and marketing support materials.  Business-in-a-Box includes...

How to Purchase Career Builder (Business-in-a-Box) 

Once you have purchased your IACFB Factoring 101 Training Guide from,...

  1. Click the RED BUTTON below to purchase your Business-in-a-Box Program from DMS WebHost.  The cost for (Business-in-a-Box) subscription is just $199.95 plus $19.95 per month subscription.
  2. Once your submissions is received by IACFB staff, your permissions will be set up at the Factoring Broker Forums for access to ANNEX and marketing training / support.  Note:  You will already have Factoring Broker Forums and Learning Lab permissions set up from the purchase of your Training Guide from
  3. Enter the ANNEX for complete instructions and links for setting up your new Factoring 101 Business Website. 

Typically, your website and access to the Annex and Campus will take about 24 hours to set up after you have completed the Business-in-a-Box subscription.

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