Network with IACFB Factoring Brokers at the Forums
The Factoring Broker Forums at IACFB
The IACFB Brokers Forums:  A Private Forum Where IACFB Members and Registered Guests Can Learn and Network Together

The IACFB Factoring Broker Forums 

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The Factoring Broker Forums and Bulletin Boards

The Factoring Broker Forums acts as one of IACFB's bulletin boards.  They the perfect place for networking between IACFB factoring broker members and commercial finance providers.  The Factoring Broker Forums are a "closed" community project and although viewable by anyone on the web, you must be an IACFB Member or Registered Guest to post threads and comments.  The forums offer all members and guest with the perfect platform to ask questions regarding financing, marketing, and training for a career as a freelance industry broker.

Learn more about the business of Factoring Broker at the IACFB Brokers Forums

The Bulletin Board

The Brokers Forum acts as a powerful community "bulletin board" where IACFB administrators can announce:

The "Gateway" Permissions System at the Forums

"Gateways" are how we provide member access to the various training and support areas of the IACFB such as the Annex and the Campus.  Permissions are manually set by IACFB administrators for specific IACFB member groups and subscribers.   We use the Forums to control access to training and support areas via "gateways".   To access any type of training or support, you will do so through the forums and the gateways system.  You can find out more about Permissions and Gateways here.

 Additional information on Learning Lab access is here.

Join the Forum Community Today!  Get Active in Our Community

Learning how to use the Brokers Forum and participating in activities by posting threads and comments is a great way to learn more about the industry's essentials and will dramatically increase your industry knowledge.  The Brokers Forum is THE place to network with others and ask questions regarding products and industry opportunities.  The sooner you become proficient in its use, the sooner you will be able to begin building important relationships. 

Forum Membership Hierarchy and Permissions

As you explore the broker forums, you will notice a variety of colorful "tags" identifying the posts of certain types of forum members.  Each type of Forum user has a specific set of "permissions" to view and participate in the IACFB's various training and support areas.  You can find out more about the various types of members on the forums here.

The "Trophy" System

Trophies are awarded to those IACFB members active on the forums.  The more you post and comment on the forums, the more trophies you are awarded.   Access to the advanced training areas (Factoring 202) located in Campus IACFB is awarded to those Factoring 101 members that have met certain trophy goals.  Additional information on the benefits of earning trophies and the "Trophy System" are available within the Learning Lab.

Trouble Accessing the Forums?

When you register to take our broker crash course at IACFB, either through this site or the Commercial Finance Consultant Magazine, you will be set up for forums use as a Registered Guest.  This usually takes 24-48 hours.