Benefits of IACFB Membership
IACFB Membership Benefits
Stay abreast of new products and opportunities to increase your productivity with education and continuing education programs and opportunities at IACFB

How to Access Permissions Areas at IACFB 

Education & Continuing Education

In the factoring and asset-based finance community, new products and lending programs are constantly being developed to assist small business owners with their quests for working capital solutions.  And for today's professional factoring and commercial finance brokers and consultants, there is no better place to stay abreast of industry developments than the IACFB.

Incomparable Introductory Industry Training

Whether you are a seasoned factoring broker veteran or are just starting out in the industry, IACFB's Factoring 101 Broker Training Program is by far the most affordable way to obtain the industry knowledge and support required to enter our industry successfully.  For those first exploring the industry with a goal of working in the factoring industry as simply a part-time vocation, nothing could be more affordable than starting out with our comprehensive Factoring 101 Training Guide.   

The Brokers Forum:  Networking with Industry LendersNetworking with Factors and Industry Lenders

For networking with industry lenders, IACFB provides the the Factoring Broker Forums.  This online XenForo forum is open to members and registered guests interested in:

Attending Lender Presentations

One of the best methods of increasing your knowledge of the industry, staying abreast of its changes and new product introductions is, of course, by attending scheduled lender teleconferences, Company Showcases, and product workshops.  Such opportunities are open to all IACFB members and recorded versions of teleconferences are archived in the Learning Lab for those unable to attend the live presentations.

Whether you are a seasoned industry professional or just launching your career as an industry factoring broker, all IACFB members should attend lender presentations at every opportunity.  If you are an industry "newbie", IACFB's 7-Part Crash Course for "newbies" is one of the quickest methods of "learning the ropes" and becoming productive.  For our veteran members, lender teleconference presentations will keep you abreast of new products for your clients as well as industry promotions and bonus programs which can add dollars in your pocket each and every month.

Always check the brokers forum and Commercial Finance Consultants Magazine for upcoming events.