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This is the registration area to set up your Campus IACFB access based upon your CURRENT access permissions. You must register to have your permissions set to access the Learning lab and Campus.

If you are a…

  • CURRENT MEMBER (GUIDE BUYER) SEEKING LAB LEARNING LAB ACCESS or SUBSCRIPTION UPGRADE: If you received an email from IACFB staff with access information, your permissions are already set up. If you are a member and need Lab access or an Associate or Freelance broker needing Campus access and did not receive an email with your new credentials, click the BLUE registration button below to send a request. We will typically have your access turned on within 24 hours or less.
  • NEW MEMBER REQUESTING SUBSCRIPTION INFO: If you are a new member having just purchased your membership training guide from Amazon.com and now need access to the Learning Lab and startup areas click the BLUE registration button below

Upgrading or Setting Up Campus Access for the Associate or Freelance Broker Program

For IACFB members, upgrading from standard membership (guide only) and entering one of the Campus training programs as an IACFB Associate or IACFB Freelance Consultant is easy.

  • Visit the IACFB Member portal at DMS WebHost
  • From the two options, select the program you wish to enter
  • DISCOUNT: Both programs include the Factoring 101 Broker’s Training Guide. If you already have your training guide from Amazon, however, you can enter your promo code (page 198 of your guide) to receive a $39.95 discount and we will then NOT ship an additional guide with your order

Activation and Setup

Once we have activated your program account for Campus access, we will update your broker registration and permissions for courses and classes within 24 hours. You will receive your Campus Login credentials via email.

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Register as a current or new IACFB Associate for access to Campus IACFB Associate training classes and website support. 

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