About the IACFB Community of Factoring Brokers and Lenders
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The IACFB is a unique community
made up of brokers and intermediaries and the many specialized finance providers which make up our exciting industry

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About the IACFB Community

The IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) is an asset-based and alternative commercial finance community project which includes both intermediaries (independent brokers) and the industry's many varied specialized lenders.  The IACFB community includes:

A Place for Freelance Factoring Brokers to Learn and Network

For both lenders and brokers, IACFB provides a platform for networking and learning more about the industry.  The IACFB is where:

There are no fees required to register and become active in our community as a Registered Guest.  Join our community and learn more about the many business opportunities available in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industries.

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One of the best ways to explore our community and to find out more about factoring, the industry, and opportunities available to freelance brokers is to attend one of our complimentary Crash Course for new IACFB members..  To receive and invitation with a webinar link, just complete the short form in our Crash Course Registration Area and SUBMIT to be added to begin your training and be added our mailing list.