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Exceptional Home Business Opportunity

Learn how to develop new clients for factors and other alternative sources of business finance and earn industry commissions and fees.

Work as a Broker Full time or Part Time

Be your own boss, set your own hours, and work from the comfort of your own home office as a full time or part time factoring consultant

Over 500 Specialized

When the Banks Say “No”, our Directory of American Factors and Lenders includes over 500 sources of non-bank alternative financing.

The Factoring Industry's Most Comprehensive Broker Training and Support Program

Become a much sought after industry professional with IACFB training and support

A Home-Based Financial Consulting Business

Part Time or Full Time

A high professional vocation, factoring brokers operate from the convenience of a home office, setting their own hours and work schedules.  Be your own boss.

A Career for Self-Starters and Mobile Creatives

Perfect for Entrepreneurs

An ideal professional career path for those that consider themselves “self starters” and you can take a new idea or career concept and run with it.

Earn Supplemental Income in Retirement

Additional Income Streams

For retirees with additional time on their hands, working as a factoring broker is a great way to earn supplemental commission income

Two Comprehensive Training Programs

The Associates Program for part time brokers and Professional Freelance Program for career-oriented, full time consultants

Associates Program

A training option for brokers operating part time

The Associates Program:  The perfect entry level program for new brokers entering the factoring industry on a part time basis

The Freelance Program

A training program for full time practitioners

The Freelance Program is a comprehensive training and support program for new industry entrants with a professional full time career focus


Choose from two comprehensive training and support programs…

  • FACTORING 101 ASSOCIATES PROGRAM:  A program designed for those that will be operating on an occasional or part time basis with subscription fees 100% reimbursable upon submission and acceptance of your first deal through IACFB.  
  • FACTORING 101 FREELANCE PROGRAM:  A program for those that will be operating as freelance consultants with a career focus and typically full time.  Program includes access to IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders with over 500 broker-friendly resources.